About Us

"Spaaq" brand is healthy, with high quality and unique. It has gained recognition in many countries all over the world.


Panturex  is an international company that exports and does marketing abroad. Our company is acting without compromising on quality in beverage and hygiene products fields with our slogan “To Live Better”. Our company is exporting to 5 continents with its own private branded products.

Panturex Global Trade Company’s production with its own brands; the brand of beverage products sector “SPAQU”​, and with the brand of hygiene products sector “SPAAQ”​.

“SPAQU”​ brand; healthy, high quality and unique flavor. Also has gained appreciation in many countries all over the world.

Under SPAQU brand name we have; Natural Mineral Water, Natural Spring Water, Sparkling Water and Fruit Flavored Water products.

Under SPAAQ brand name we have paper hygiene products such as toilet paper group, kitchen towel group, baby wipes and pocket tissues that are produced without compromising on health and quality.

Our expert staffs, have created a network and the work in R&D field has created synergy in which Panturex Global Trade Company is giving export consultancy, also closely follow-up the world markets.

Our Mission
We strongly believe that hygiene and cleanliness are everyone's right. SPAAQ products family, suppliers as well as our business partners are working all together to bring you the cheapest and most natural products.
Our Vision
With our innovative, rational, principled and responsible approach, we aim at being the leading company in our sector. And to make our economic and natural product which are produced in our hygienic company have a prominent position in international market.